Pageant Hairstyle Trends

Pageant Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Unlock the secret to pageant-perfect hair with our guide to hairstyles tailored to your unique face shape.

From the soft curves of a round face to the defined angles of a square face, our expert tips will help you discover the most flattering styles for your next pageant appearance.

Embrace your individual beauty and elevate your look with hairstyles designed to complement and enhance your natural features.

Hairstyles for Round Faces

When selecting hairstyles for round faces, it is essential to consider styles that elongate and add angles to the face. Bangs are a great way to add angles to a round face. Opt for side-swept or asymmetrical bangs to create the illusion of length.

Additionally, adding layers and angles around the face can help to visually elongate the face shape. A layered bob with angled pieces around the face can be very flattering for round faces.

Volume is another key element to consider when styling hair for round faces. Adding volume at the crown of the head can create the illusion of a more oval-shaped face. Consider styles with curls or waves to add volume and texture. A voluminous updo or a hairstyle with curls can also provide the desired effect.

When styling with curls, it’s best to avoid tight, bouncy curls that add width to the sides of the face. Instead, opt for loose, soft curls that help to elongate the face.

Hairstyles for Oval Faces

In considering hairstyles for oval faces, it is important to build upon the principles of adding angles and volume that were discussed in the previous subtopic for round faces. Oval faces are versatile and can carry a wide range of hairstyles, but the goal is to highlight the balanced proportions and soft contours that are characteristic of this face shape.

When choosing hairstyles for oval faces, consider the following:

  1. Hair texture: Embrace your natural hair texture, whether it’s straight, wavy, or curly. For oval faces, textured layers and soft waves can add dimension and movement, enhancing the overall look.

  2. Color options: Opt for multi-dimensional hair colors to add depth and dimension to your hair. Balayage or babylights can accentuate the contours of an oval face, creating a stunning visual effect.

  3. Angular cuts: Angular cuts, such as a long bob or a layered pixie, can complement the oval face shape by adding subtle angles and framing the face in an elegant manner.

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Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces can be beautifully accentuated with hairstyles that balance the wider forehead and narrower chin. Bangs are a great way to soften the forehead and draw attention to the eyes, creating a harmonious look. Side-swept bangs or curtain bangs can complement a heart-shaped face by adding width around the forehead area. Updos are also flattering for this face shape as they highlight the cheekbones and create a balanced look. A sleek high ponytail or a top knot can accentuate the upper part of the face, while leaving the jawline and chin area more understated.

Braided hairstyles are another excellent choice for heart-shaped faces. They add texture and volume around the jawline, creating the illusion of a more balanced facial structure. Additionally, pixie cuts can work well for heart-shaped faces, especially when styled with side-swept bangs to add softness around the forehead. The short length of a pixie cut can draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, while the bangs can help to minimize the width of the forehead.

Hairstyles for Square Faces

When it comes to hairstyles for square faces, the key is to soften the angles and add some curves to create a more balanced look.

Soft, layered waves can help to achieve this by adding movement and softness to the face.

Side-swept and asymmetrical styles can also work well to break up the strong lines of a square face.

Long, face-framing layers can help to elongate and soften the overall appearance.

Soft, Layered Waves

For square faces, soft, layered waves can complement the angles and add a touch of softness to the overall look. This hairstyle helps to balance the strong jawline and create a more feminine appearance. Here are three ways to achieve soft, layered waves for square faces:

  1. Textured Layers: Incorporate layers throughout the hair to create movement and soften the edges, which can help to minimize the squareness of the face.

  2. Side-Swept Bangs: Pair soft, layered waves with side-swept bangs to create a flattering frame for the face, drawing attention away from the angular features.

  3. Subtle Volume: Adding subtle volume at the crown of the head can create the illusion of a longer, more oval-shaped face, complementing square face shapes.

Soft, layered waves are a versatile and flattering option for individuals with square faces, providing a touch of elegance and femininity.

Side-Swept, Asymmetrical Styles

Side-swept, asymmetrical styles are an excellent choice for individuals with square faces, as they help to soften angular features and create a more balanced and flattering look. For square faces, updo options with side-swept bangs or an asymmetrical part can add softness to the jawline, making the face appear more oval.

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Opting for a side-swept chignon or a low side bun can also complement square face shapes by adding asymmetry and visual interest. Ponytail variations such as a side-swept pony or a low side pony can help soften the angles of a square face, creating a more harmonious appearance.

Long, Face-Framing Layers

Long, face-framing layers are a versatile and flattering option for individuals with square faces, providing softness and complementing the angular features of this face shape. For those with a square face shape, long, face-framing layers can help to soften the strong jawline and create a more balanced appearance.

Here are three elements to consider when choosing long, face-framing layers for square faces:

  1. Long Layers: Opt for long layers that start below the chin to add movement and softness to the jawline, creating a more elongated look.

  2. Cascading Curls: Incorporating cascading curls into the layers can further enhance the softening effect, adding a romantic and feminine touch to the hairstyle.

  3. Angled Bangs: Consider adding angled bangs to the layers to help break up the squareness of the face and draw attention to the eyes while adding an element of chic sophistication.

Hairstyles for Diamond-Shaped Faces

Hairstyles suitable for diamond-shaped faces have the ability to accentuate the natural features of this face shape, creating a balanced and harmonious look. For diamond-shaped faces, an angular bob with textured layers can work wonders by adding width at the cheekbones, balancing the overall shape. This style adds softness while maintaining a structured look.

Additionally, a high ponytail with sleek bangs can draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones, emphasizing the unique features of a diamond-shaped face. The sleekness of the bangs complements the sharp angles of the face, creating a sophisticated and elegant appearance. These hairstyles serve to highlight the distinct features of diamond-shaped faces, enhancing their beauty and symmetry.

Transitioning to the next section about ‘hairstyles for oblong faces’, it’s important to consider how different hairstyles can complement varying face shapes. Just as hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces emphasize their unique features, those for oblong faces should aim to create balance and proportion.

Hairstyles for Oblong Faces

Oblong faces benefit from hairstyles that add width and volume to the sides, creating a more balanced and proportionate appearance. When choosing a hairstyle for an oblong face shape, it’s essential to opt for cuts and styles that help create the illusion of width and minimize the length of the face. Here are three trendy and flattering hairstyles for oblong faces:

  1. Slimming Cuts: Consider shoulder-length or shorter haircuts, such as a bob or a lob (long bob), to add fullness and volume to the sides of the face. These cuts help create the appearance of a more oval-shaped face, balancing out the length.

  2. Bangs: Incorporating bangs into your hairstyle can help shorten the appearance of an oblong face. Side-swept or curtain bangs can effectively break up the length of the face, while blunt bangs can also add the illusion of width.

  3. Layers: Opt for layered hairstyles to add texture, volume, and movement. Layers can help soften the angles of an oblong face, creating a more harmonious and flattering look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Incorporate Hair Accessories Into My Pageant Hairstyle for a Round Face?

Incorporating hair accessories into a pageant hairstyle for a round face can enhance the overall look. Opt for headbands, decorative clips, or floral accents placed to the side to create a balanced and flattering effect.

Are There Any Specific Hairstyles That Work Best for an Oval Face With Curly Hair?

When it comes to styling curly hair for an oval face, elegant updos and flowing locks are ideal. To maintain healthy curls, consider using sulfate-free products and regular deep conditioning. Choose a hair color that complements your skin tone for a radiant look.

What Are Some Tips for Creating Volume and Height in a Pageant Hairstyle for a Heart-Shaped Face?

To create volume and height in a pageant hairstyle for a heart-shaped face, consider incorporating hair accessories, and using techniques such as teasing, backcombing, and strategic placement of curls. These styling methods can enhance the natural shape of the face and complement the overall pageant look.

Can Bangs Work With a Square Face Shape, and if So, What Type of Bangs Are Best?

"Bangs can complement a square face shape by softening angular features. Wispy, side-swept, or layered bangs work best to add dimension and balance. Styling options include blowouts for volume and texture or sleek, straightened looks for a polished appearance."

Are There Any Hairstyles That Can Help Balance Out a Diamond-Shaped Face With a Prominent Chin?

To balance a diamond-shaped face with a prominent chin, opt for hairstyles that add volume at the crown to create the illusion of a wider forehead. Consider soft waves, layers, or a side-swept fringe. Hair accessories can also complement this look.


In conclusion, choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can enhance your natural beauty and bring out your best features.

By considering the unique characteristics of your face shape, you can select a hairstyle that complements and flatters your appearance.

Whether it’s a sleek bob for a heart-shaped face or soft waves for a round face, the right hairstyle can truly elevate your pageant look and make you feel confident and radiant on stage.

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